Selling An Aircraft, A Quick Guide

Selling An Aircraft, A Quick Guide

Selling An Aircraft, A Quick Guide.

Selling an aircraft requires a lot more than a listing price; the market desirability and the supply and demand dictate the timing of your sale and price (proceeds from the sale).  It is highly recommended that you work with a professional consultant/broker who can seamlessly help you through the process.  They have the connections and knowledge to get you the best deal on your plane.

Owning your aircraft is useful.  It allows you to go whenever and anywhere you like.  However, there are situations when you must sell your aircraft for specific reasons.  You could use the proceeds of the sale to make another investment or to purchase a larger or more modern aircraft.

Several clients have purchased aircraft from PlaneTadaa.  As a result, we are fully aware of what is crucial.  Let's look at the parts of your aircraft that are crucial to the sale.

Aircraft Valuation, Your Plane's Current Worth.

There are many factors to consider when determining how much your plane is currently worth on the open market.  Consider the plane's current state and the price of upgrades like avionics, engine inspection/replacement, engine hours, engine program enrollment, time between overhaul TBOs, airframe hours, log books in compliance, etc.  Trying to ascertain an accurate sales price by looking up the prices of similar aircraft on websites and magazines is wrong; there are differences between aircraft, and no two are alike.  It is best to have experienced aircraft market consultants/brokers like PlaneTadaa who are in the market daily and are tracking the supply and demand along with the pricing trend for your particular model and type of aircraft.


Find out what your plane is worth with the help of a consultant/broker.  The current market conditions and the demand for your specific aircraft type will determine your asking price.  This specialized market research demands skill and experience; the market must be continuously monitored to obtain an accurate assessment. Your aircraft data points mentioned in the valuation section also help determine your selling price.

Marketing, Showcase Your Aircraft With Transparency.

When you decide to sell your aircraft, a technical inspection is a top priority for potential buyers.  The examination is conducted by an accredited aircraft mechanic certified on your particular type and model during a pre-purchase inspection.  The findings are shared with the buyer and the seller.  If you are transparent, the check confirms the information you already stated and helps the buyer feel a lot more comfortable with the negotiation and sale.


 Of course, the aircraft's display should not be overlooked.  The plane should be cleaned first, then photographed and videoed.  If there are any visible flaws, they should be shown and recorded in the appropriate log book, and an explanation for them should be ready for any potential buyer.  This transparency gives a solid and favorable impression from start to finish to the buyer, and it helps you sell your aircraft faster and better!

Achieve The Best Price Within The Shortest Timeline.

PlaneTadaa will market your aircraft to a global audience who are in the market for your particular model and type.  A professional consultant /broker should handle an aircraft sale to maximize the proceeds from the sale.  We will offer these additional services further to expedite your sale for a secure and fast closing.  We will assist you and recommend qualified professionals: Delivery & Ferry service, aviation accountant, and lawyer, and protect your asset in the best manner.

Our Aircraft Consultants and Brokers provide seamless and stress-free Aircraft Buying And Selling experiences.  Schedule your free Sales Consultation now!  Contact Us

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